LENS is delighted to invite our city- & stakeholder platform partners to our first physical workshop and event on 15-16 May in Leuven.

The two-day event in the Belgian city will allow partners to gain an insight in the on-site live testing of noise- and air-pollution of L-vehicles and engage with our technical experts, academia and the local authorities of Leuven.

In the afternoon of the first day (15 May), a hybrid information session will introduce the LENS project, the live testing equipment and intentions of the Leuven authorities to the attendees. This is followed by a joint dinner and a site visit of the live noise- and air pollution tests in the morning of the second day (16 May). The fully-reimbursed trip will be the first event of LENS to engage with a wider audience of experts, followed by a demonstration and live testing event in Paris in autumn of 2024.

Draft agenda

15 May 2024 – 12-17:30

·         12:00 – 12:45: Arrival & Light Lunch

·         12:45 – 13:15: Welcome words & Tour de Table

·         13:15 – 14:00: LENS project introduction & information about testing equipment

·         14:00 – 14:15: Coffee Break

·         14:15 – 15:15: Technical Presentations

·         15:15 – 15:45: Coffee Break

·         15:45 – 16:15: Tampering detection in-field surveys in the LENS project

·         16:15 – 17:00: Communication & Dissemination & Focus group results

·         18:30 – 20:00: Dinner

16 May 2024 – 09-12:00 – Site visits

Challenges of L-vehicle pollution

EU-regulation has often focused on passenger cars and trucks, even though smaller L-vehicles are an essential mode of urban transport, especially in Southern Europe. Furthermore, the illegal adjustment practices of altering the motor, exhaust pipe or other type of tuning (the so-called tampering methods) can have significant effect on the noise- and air pollution of the manipulated vehicle.

These illegal practices are often hard to identify during police inspections. Another challenge is the lack of noise- and air pollution measuring equipment for real-world testing.

LENS aims to provide answers

The EU-funded project developed a testing protocol and -equipment, based on laboratory tests of various types of L-vehicles. This testing equipment will be utilised in the previously mentioned on-street tests in Leuven, as well as Paris (FR) and in Italy. LENS will apply techniques to monitor the noise and emissions of LVs, provide recommendations on how to control the contribution of current and future LVs, examine emissions and noise performance under real driving conditions and deploy methods to identify tampered vehicles.

LENS will also conduct detailed pollutant and noise characterisation of 150 vehicles in the lab and on the road. This new information will help improve emission factors and assessment methods and tools used in air and noise pollution assessments. The research results will provide information on different policy options for regulators, cities and authorities, including the improvement of test procedures for type approval (TA).