D3.1 Method and systems for on board measurement of pollutants emissions

Validated PEMS mini PEMS and SEMS demonstrators checked in roundrobin ready to be used in measurement campaign test matrix and procedures of onboard testing

D3.2 Method and system for on board noise measurement

Ten miniature data logging devices equipped with a microphone and GPS to be supplied to partners for on-road noise measurements.

D4.1 Procedure for measuring in lab LV exhaust emissions

Test matrix for lab tests results of the round-robin test protocol regulated and non-regulated pollutants test procedures

D5.1: L-vehicle tampering and undesirable effects.

This deliverable highlights the plans and first analyses of the test programme.

D6.1: Real world driving conditions and requirements for the LENS test programme

Evidence on RW LVs driving conditions critical for noise and emissions, synthesizing previous knowledge and early measurements in LENS.


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