Nearly 20 representatives from the L-vehicle industry, cities, regions and citizens’ initiatives participated as part of the stakeholder group and city platform in a first information session about upcoming events and engagement plans on 19 March 2024. This was the first time that both organisations were combined to enhance the reach of LENS and to use synergies.  

After a short information about the merger of the two groups with the aim to boost engagement and a short tour de table, the project and several elements of the engagement plan were presented by POLIS Network and IVL.  

LENS will organise several focus group interviews to determine the challenges, wants and needs of the stakeholders and cities related to L-vehicles and their noise pollution across several meetings, which take place in late March and April. 

This is followed by the first physical meeting in Leuven on 15 and 16 May, which coincides with the noise- and air-pollution measurements in the Belgian city. The two-day event will allow participants to engage with the technical experts from TU Graz, KU Leuven and IVL, who conduct the tests.  

Furthermore, the police of Leuven will support the roadside measuring and can directly flag down potentially tampered L-vehicles, if deemed necessary. This exercise advanced with the site visit by representatives of TU Graz, IVL, KU Leuven and the Leuven Police last week.  

We invite all attendees and the remaining stakeholders and city representatives to attend our two-day event in May.