The first results of ReTEMS (Real Time Emissions Measurement System) for L-category vehicles will be reported on the 13th Annual International Onboard Sensing, Analysis, and Reporting (OSAR) Conference on 14 March 2024 in Riverside, California, USA and in the 27. ETH-Nanoparticles Conference (NPC-24) between 10 – 14 June 2024 in Zurich, Switzerland. 

ReTEMS is a prototype comprised of SEMS (Smart Emission Measurement Sensors), recently developed by Emisia, that for LENS has been extended with the integration of a Black Carbon sensor developed by Aristotle University Thessaloniki  through the EU grant project RSENSE. ReTEMS is capable of measuring CO, CO2, NO and Black Carbon Particulate Mass (BCPM) concentration of exhaust gases. SEMS components include commercial electrochemical sensors for measuring CO and NO gases concentration and a commercial NDIR analyser for measuring COgas concentration. BCPM concentration is measured by a prototype optoacoustic sensor, utilizing a novel ellipsoidal design for refocusing the optoacoustic signal with minimal acoustic energy losses. ReTEMS is a compact, lightweight, and low-cost device able to be mounted on a motorcycle, to measure its emissions while it is being driven in the real world.