The Transport Research Arena (TRA), which took place from 15-18 April in Dublin, Ireland, offered insights into various transport modes and mobility topics, including noise- and air pollution. Thus, it was self-evident that LENS would present its research on tampering, which was based on a European survey as part of deliverable D5.1 ‘L-vehicle tampering and undesirable effects’.

Nikoletta Batsalia, Project Engineer from Aristotle University Thessaloniki, presented the study as part of the session on noise pollution and mitigation strategies. This particular TRA 2024 session included several interesting solutions and research results from counteracting noise pollution with environmentally-friendly noise barriers around motorways in Ireland, reducing breaking noise of high-speed rail in France, as well as an international comparative study on noise- and air pollution levels of Coimbra (Portugal) and Bogota in Nigeria.

Our LENS study summarised our survey on tampering, which was conducted across Europe and aimed to gain an overview on methods that would enhance the performance or alter the noise output of vehicles. Since most measures are illegal according to national laws, survey results were collected anonymously.

More than 600 completed submissions from L-vehicle owners across Europe, with a majority of participants from Austria, Greece, Germany and Italy, show that the majority of tampered vehicles were bought used and were equipped with after-market fairings, air filters and silencers.

We encourage you to view the full presentation here and download our D5.1 ‘L-vehicle tampering and undesirable effects’.